When? he asked. When does middle age end and old age begin?

"When" he asked, " when does middle age end and old age begin?"

It took awhile to recover from his question.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Ageing

It has been  a nasty winter it seems as if  everyone is moving a little more cautiously and often a little slower. I was on the bus yesterday. The driver stopped  for a passenger. There was a  brief delay as a woman struggled to get on the bus with a shopping cart. She moved slowly and stiffly to a seat near me as the driver waited for her to get settled. I looked up at her and the though struck me"there's and old woman." Then I looked into her face and was shocked to realize I had once known her when we were both young. I sat for a few minutes realizing how long it had been since we both volunteered at the same elementary school when our children had attended. I quietly called her name and she looked up at me. Yes it was her  and yes it has been that long.