When? he asked. When does middle age end and old age begin?

"When" he asked, " when does middle age end and old age begin?"

It took awhile to recover from his question.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017-03-23 Day 27


I certainly am on the home stretch. But as with all things, I seldom get the results I set out to achieve within the time I have set aside. Certainly I have learned to cook a few new recipes and have had some ultra tasty meals but for the most part I eat as I have always (within the last 15-20 years) eaten with some adaptations. Large and significant adaptations but  not radical changes.

What has changed is my relationship to food and  my ability to hear what my body is telling me. That surge of energy that I feel is no longer from caffeine - it is more  than the results of a stimulant. What I feel is the result of the high quality nutrition, the fuel, I have given myself. My body is fueled and ready to go. Translating this into action is something I am still working on. I have become very sedentary. I hate the weather. I have felt the cold so severely for the last   several years. I do recognize that that too is the result of an inadequate diet and a lazy lifestyle. From my initial h-angry feelings that caused me to eat three meals a day by 6 o'clock I have slipped back  into my breakfast, a second more casual meal at 2 or 3 o'clock and dinner by 7 -ish.  I have intended to cook this week but slipped into preparing what is available so I don't have to shop a-g-a-i-n.

I am very pleased with myself  because in spite of potentially setting myself up for failure I have adapted and stayed within the rules. Going forward I hope to embrace more of the program and reap more of the rewards. Over recent years I have relearned to be kind and generous to myself. I have learned to have an attitude of abundance allowing myself to enjoy the time and comforts of my status as an empty-nester. I have accepted the luxury of pedicures and a good haircut and quality cosmetics and care products. What I have not done is allow myself to luxuriate in an abundance of quality food. While I would think nothing of buying a roast I did not eat for however many dollars and ultimately wasting some of it (one man will only eat so much of the same thing)  I felt a sense of decadent indulgence when I bought a small container of $11 shrimp for no purpose other than to add to my breakfast. I had been more inclined to cook low budget meals that I didn't enjoy  and fully consume neutralizing my revulsion with crackers, toast and butter. I was more likely to dole out a quarter or half an avocado that to eat a whole one and on and on.  I frolicked in an abundance of good food but was not effectively consuming it.

So on to Thursday. . . I still had not been to the grocery store and it was a busy day for me.

Ken made potatoes and eggs. He kindly cooked them in olive oil for me. Afterwards he told me He had done 6 eggs and three potatoes. I know I never get half the eggs :) but chances are I had half the potatoes by the time the morning was done as I noshed on the remainders while cleaning the kitchen.

I drank coffee midmorning with coconut milk - naturally!

The day flew by as I was super busy and by 2:30 I realized I was ravenous and stopped for a bit. With nothing suitable in the cupboards I ended up with a "fruitbowl"  a few canned peaches, almond butter a sprinkle of raisins, coconut and coconut milk with a dash of cinnamon to fool the old tastebuds.

Dinner came late after a meeting and the vegetarian in me could not face the ribs that Mr. Me was raving about- I am just not there on the whole meat on the bone thing... it's a life long aversion.

I felt a sense of panic but reached for the eggs. I added a little of my old friend coconut milk- solid from the refrig to give a boost to the last of the nasty eggs we had (buying eggs is a shared responsibility and the young man doesn't have the money to buy good eggs) I sauted the last of the bok- choy and faked room temperature with  some precooked frozen shrimp warmed slightly in the microwave. Not bad!

I added a couple more slices of peaches to a bowl doused with coconut flakes and milk- no nuts this time and called it a meal.

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