When? he asked. When does middle age end and old age begin?

"When" he asked, " when does middle age end and old age begin?"

It took awhile to recover from his question.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017-03-18 Day 21


I'll need to work backwards but let's start with what I know and can remember

Breakfast chicken recipe- thighs, apple, cabbage, carrot and cashews. 2 eggs scrambled. Hot water and lemon, mint tea

mint tea
macademia nuts
rooibus coco chai  with coconut milk

Potato salad and roasted chicken

Sundae- raisins, blueberries, almond butter, coconut, pecans,strawberries and coconut milk with cinnamon.

Yesterday Day 20

My plan was to make a recipe from the book but I was short ingredients as they had been bought but folded into other meals over the last several days.

I had chickens thighs and cooked them,
I needed pecans, I subbed cashews,
I needed yams I used carrots and I needed spinach and used cabbage. The apple that was required was used. I deglazed the pan with balsamic vinegar and bone broth and baked it for 10 minutes at 400 F while  asparagus brushed with olive oil baked.

prior to that I cannot recall so much . I was nauseated and missed lunch and I believe there was an apple with almond  butter

Breakfast was eggs and potatoes with a ground pork patty.

Thursday Day 19
Was an odd day. I broke my fast with with a 2 ounce swig of orange juice. I had tea- can't recall Ken cooked me egg warmed mashed taters. I had a date and  almond roll and tea later in the day. I felt nausea whenever I thought of food.

Wednesday Day 18.

Bangers and mash from the book, I mashed potatoes and yams but otherwise except for extra cooking time I followed the recipe otherwise. There was pumpkin seeds and strawberries with the last of the pineapple for afters.   I recall coffee and coconut milk,sometime during the afternoon.

Breakfast was eggs and mushrooms. I snacked on salted toasted almonds  before bed.


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