When? he asked. When does middle age end and old age begin?

"When" he asked, " when does middle age end and old age begin?"

It took awhile to recover from his question.

Friday, March 10, 2017

2017-03-10 Day 13

I may have broken my diet today with dates wrapped in crushed almonds, all compliant BUT...

2 eggs in butter oil folded around shrimp :)
mint tea

mint tea and date nut rolls 3+1

homemade chicken soup

Mango salsa , mango meatballs, green beans , cauliflower fried rice

decaf tea with coconut milk

I woke up feeling fabulous. I lost it by 10:30. I need to adjust my routine. I don't think sitting and reading the paper is the right  plan for my mornings when I am not caffeinated. No one to be quiet for in the coming week and the time change is coming up so when I awake it will seem later anyway. I think I will save the morning paper for the afternoon!
I checked out the menu of the restaurant I will be eating on day 30. It looks very do-able. That is a relief. I will not have to call ahead and ask for an accommodation of any sort. Good advice from My Whole 30 Guide to Health and Food Freedom book. Now to strategize for the week which will be much easier  although I hope to touch base with several people I don't usually get see. I think I will plan to meet for a walk or the museum rather than over food.

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